Early 20th century

The evolution of public transport in Athens is closely related to urban growth and the need for transit. Both started taking place in the beginning of the 20th century.

Initially, the Greek State had granted licenses to private bus owners, in order to carry out Athens public transport.

The first public transport company, the Hellenic Electric Railways, is founded. The company is responsible for the operation of the underground railway from Piraeus to the Northern suburbs of Athens. .
The Electric Transportation Company is founded. The company is responsible for the operation of tram, bus and trolley bus lines in the central areas of Athens and Piraeus.
Establishment of the Urban Transport Control Organization. Its key mission is to control and evaluate the quality of service provided by the private bus operators.

Private bus operators organize six Joint Bus Receipts Funds (KTEL).


The Electric Railway line is extended to Kifissia. The Electric Railway line.

The Electric Transportation Company is cut down in trolley bus operation only.
The first state-owned public transport company is established under the name Athens Area Urban Transport (ASPA), also known as the 7th KTEL.
EKTEL is created from the association of the six private KTEL.
Electric Transportation Company closes down. A new public sector company, the Electric Buses of Athens, Piraeus and the Suburbs (ILPAP) is founded.
Hellenic Electric Railways is bought by the Greek State and Athens – Piraeus Electric Railways S.A. (ISAP) is founded, taking over the operation of the electric railway and the few bus lines maintained by its predecessor, Hellenic Electric Railways (line 1).
Law 588/1977 “For the organization of the Capital City Public Transport and other provisions” (A ‘148) abolishes Urban Transport Control Organization and establishes Urban Transport Organization (OAS), which is wholly owned by the Greek State and its key mission is to design, coordinate and supervise the entire capital city transport system. By the same law, a public company is established under the name of Urban Transport Company (EAS), in order to serve the transportation needs of Athens – Piraeus area by bus.
Law 2078/1992 “Thermal Bus Transport in the area of Athens – Piraeus and Surroundings” (A139) dissolves and puts under liquidation the Urban Transport Company (EAS). The operation of bus services is assigned to Transport Corporations (SEP) established for this purpose, with members (shareholders) individuals to whom bus registration licenses are granted.
Law 2175/1993, “Organizing a single urban transport organization in the area of ​​Athens – Piraeus and Surroundings” (A 211) establishes a public utility company under the name of Athens Public Transport Organization (O.A.S.A.) as the universal successor of the Urban Transport Organization (O.A.S.). According to Law 2175/1993, O.A.S.A.’s key mission is to provide passenger transport services by all means of public transport in the area of ​​Athens – Piraeus and the suburbs, with particular attention to passenger service and the quality of life in the area of ​​its responsibility. The same Law dissolves and puts into liquidation the Transport Enterprises (SEP) established by Law 2078/1992
By Joint Decision of the Minister of National Economy and Finance and the Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications, the Article of Association of O.A.S.A. is amended and adapted to the provisions of Law 2414/1996 “Modernization of Public Enterprises and Organizations and Other Provisions” (A 135).
Law 2669/1998 “Organizing and Operating Urban Transport in the Area of Athens – Piraeus and Surroundings” (A283) is enacted, according to the provisions of which Athens – Piraeus and Surroundings urban transport is organized and conducted, serving the general public interest.


O.A.S.A. successfully designs and implements the Operational Transportation Plan which provides high quality transport services which are characterized by speed, reliability and comfort and contributes, in general terms, to the successful organization of the Athens Olympic and Paralympic Games in the summer of 2004.

Law 3920/2011 “Consolidation, Restructuring and Development of Urban Transportation in Attica Region and Other Provisions” (A33) is enacted.
According to the provisions of Law 3920/2011:

(a) Company ETHEL S.A. (buses) merges with company ILPAP S.A. (trolley buses) with the latter absorbed by the former and renamed to “ROAD TRANSPORT S.A.” (“O.SY.”).
(b) AMEL S.A. (subway) merges with ISAP S.A. (electric railway) and TRAM S.A. (tram) with the two latter being absorbed by the former and renamed to “URBAN RAIL TRANSPORT S.A.” (“STA.SY.”).

Sole shareholder of O.SY. S.A. and STA.SY. S.A. is O.A.S.A. S.A.

In accordance with the provisions of article 380 of Law 4512/2018, which amends Law 4389/2016 “Urgent Provisions for the Implementation of the Agreement on Budgetary Objectives and Structural Reforms and Other Provisions” (A94), as on 01.01.2018 O.A.S.A. S.A. shares (and its subsidiaries O.SY. S.A. and STA.SY. S.A., in accordance with the provisions of Law 3920/2011 regarding the inter-company relations of the companies of OASA Group) are transferred to the HELLENIC CORPORATION OF ASSETS & PARTICIPATIONS S.A. (HCAP S.A.).