Company Structure

The superior administrative body of Athens Urban Transport Organization is the Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for deciding, controlling and organizing the company’s operation and activities, as well as for setting the standards to achieve its aims and goals.

The members of the Board

  • Golias Ioannis Civil Engineer, Chairman of the Board – Non-Executive Board Member 
  • Spiliopoulos Georgios – Dr. Chemical Engineer – Chief Executive Officer – Executive Member of the Board
  • Antonopoulou Irida – Business Administration – Debuty Chief Executive Officer – Executive Member of the Board
  • Amditis Aggelos – Electrical Engineer – Deputy Chairman of the Board – Independent Non-Executive Board Member 
  • Kalatzis Nikolaos – Economist – Certified Public Accountant – Independent Non-Executive Board Member 
  • Kefala Vassiliki – Economist – Independent Non-Executive Board Member 
  • Blounas Evaggelos – Rural and Surveying Engineer – Non-Executive Board Member 
  • Angelopoulos Panagiotis-Jason – Economist – Non-Executive Board Member
  • Papadopoulos Pavlos – Employee of O.A.S.A. – Employee representative – Non-Executive Board Member