European Standard EN 13816:2002

OASA, committed to its goal of transitioning to a more “passenger-centric” model and upgrading the quality of its services, since 2020, implements a Quality Control System in accordance with the European standard EN 13816:2002 “Transport – Logistics and Services – Mass Transport of the Public – Definition of the Quality of Services, Objectives and Measurements”, with the scope of “Strategic and Operational Planning and Coordination, Control of the Provision of the Transport Project by all means of Mass Transport (Ground and Underground) in the area of competence of the OASA”.

Standard En 13816, applies to companies and organizations providing passenger services. It concerns the providers of these services, Public Bodies and Authorities, which wish to align public transport with the expectations of passengers and society. It defines the requirements that determine and measure the quality of the services provided by Public Transport to the public and offers guidance for the selection of the relevant measurement methods.

Following the requirements of the standard EN 13816, OASA SA has establiished a series of Quality Indicators, which are monitored at a constant frequency in order to continuously improve the quality of the provided transport project and the satisfaction of its passengers.