All travels by public transport shall be governed by the rules of transportation for passengers, under the National and European provisions.

The Organization “Transport for Athens” implements a number of measures taking into account the peculiarities and the needs of passengers aiming at their smooth and safe transportation by public transport.


Valid Title

During travel, all passengers are required to carry a valid ticket or card with them



  • Passengers must validate their ticket or card entering buses – trolleybuses – tram.
  • When you use the metro, you should validate your ticket or card at the gates, both upon entering and exiting the station.

Travelling with Children

  • Children under 6 years old travel for free and must be accompanied by an escort.
  • It is permitted to transfer one (1) open baby carriage per vehicle or two (2) for articulated buses and trolleybuses and only if the driver finds that the occupancy of the vehicle allows it, otherwise carry the baby carriage folded.


Baggage Transportation

  • The dimensions of the larger baggage should not exceed 100x60x25cm, their size should not be over 25 kg, whereas the length of any other transported objects should not exceed 1.70m.
  • In buses, the maximum permissible number of transported shopping trolleys is two (2) for the regular and articulated buses and trolley buses and one (1) for MIDI buses and only accordingly to the driver permission and guidance.


Bicycle Transport

Permitted only

  • In the metro the transfer of up to two (2) bicycles in the last door of every train. The cyclists will carry their bicycles and must use elevators and not the escalators.
  • in buses and the trolleybuses only folding bicycles, placed in the special carrying holder (maximum dimensions 33x66x80cm)


Travelling with Animals

Permitted Only

  • Guide dogs for disabled persons
  • Pets carried in special carriers (maximum dimension 70x40x50cm)


  • Smoking and consumption of food and beverages are not allowed in vehicles and trains.
  • Is not allowed the transportation of inflammable, dangerous or malodorous materials.



We give priority to people who needs help