Buses and trolleybuses

Fines imposed by OSY S.A. (Road Transport S.A.)

  • Head office of OSY S.A. 6, Parnassos str., Ag. Ioannis Rendis, P.C. 182 33)
    Tel. +302104270610-725-736
    Operation Hours: Monday to Friday 08:00-13:30
  • By depositing the amount of fine to the following bank account numbers (IBAN):
    NBG (National Bank of Greece) GR4301101040000010447181271 (beneficiary ΟΣΥ Α.Ε.)
    ALPHA BANK S.A. GR0601401040104002320005134 (beneficiary ΟΣΥ Α.Ε.)

Passenger Requests for Fines

E-mail: prostimo@osy.gr

Passenger Visits to OSY S.A. Headquarters

The visits of the Passengers to the Headquarters of OSY SA will be made Only by Appointment at the above telephone lines.


In case of payment by depositing the amount of fine to the relevant accounts of the above banks and for OSY S.A. to be informed accordingly for the said payment and for the Fine Notice to be paid respectively in the name of offender, the reason field of the deposit receipt must necessarily indicate, the series and number of the offence, the date on which the fine was imposed and the full name of the offender-passenger, as a reason in the deposit receipt.

ONLY for deposits of a reduced amount (student or multi-child status, persons over 65 or under 18 years of age), the following documents are required to be sent to the above e-mail:

Fine Act-Police Identity Card-Reduction Documents & Depository.

Metro lines 1, 2, 3 and tramway

Fines imposed by STASY S.A. (Urban Rail Transport S.A.)

Payment of fines imposed shall be made:

Fines may be paid through the SINGLE TRANSACTION PAYMENT (electronically or at partner banks), using the unique RF Payment Code indicated on the front of the imposed fine relevant form in red frame.

Organization Name: Urban Rail Transport S.A. (STASY S.A.)

Information: Fines Department

  • Telephone: 214.414.1352 (Monday to Friday, 08:00 – 15:00)

Objections (Requests for cancellation / fine reduction) are submitted through gov.gr. To submit your objection please click here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above process is ONLY for persons who have a Greek VAT number and a Taxisnet account. Persons who don’t have a Greek VAT number should contact the Fines office via the email address fines@stasy.gr, enclosing the necessary supporting documents for the cancellation of the fine.

What should you know

Please note that fines are paid at 50% discount if paid upon their imposition or within TEN (10) calendar days from the date of their imposition (GG B/3203-Joint Ministerial Decision 5005/DEKO/2348 No. 5 par. 2).