Airport service

Airport Express Bus Lines

The Airport Express Bus lines operate on a 24-hour basis, connect directly the Airport to Syntagma, Piraeus, the Intercity Bus Stations and the area of Elliniko and are the following:

The duration of the route from and to the Eleftherios Venizelos Airport depends on traffic conditions and on the time of use of the Express bus line Measurements that have been made show that the estimated duration of routes are: for X93 bus line approximately 65’, for X95 bus line approximately 60’, for X96 bus line approximately 90’, whereas for X97 bus line approximately 45 minutes are required.

What should you know 

Boarding and disembarking restrictions regarding airport Express bus lines.

In the route to the airport, DISEMBARKING is restricted, whereas in the route from the airport, BOARDING is restricted. The above restrictions apply ALL hours (For more information, call the OASA information center, 11185).

Airport - Metro routes

The routes from and to the AIRPORT operate every 30’ through Metro Line 3, throughout the week.

Service during night hours

Weekdays and weekends
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Tramway lines

Their service is extended.
For the service hours, please see here