• Prior to your passage from the entrance gates of the stations, make sure that you have bought a ticket or card and that you have loaded it with the appropriate product for the route you wish.
  • The confirmation for the product with which you have loaded the your ticket or card is made at an Automatic Ticket Vending Machine by pressing the button “Card Information” in the home menu.
  • Follow the green arrows located at the side of the gates. The gates marked with a red X are gates for the opposite direction and cannot open.
  • Upon entering and exiting the stations or upon boarding the buses, make sure that you carry your ticket or card.
  • Always hold the ticket or card in your right hand and validate it on the reader to the right, while entering the gate to the left.
  • Validate your ticket or card before entering the gates. Otherwise, the gate recognizes an obstruction and does not open. Take a step back and the gate will open as soon as it stops tracking the obstruction.
  • The validation of the ticket or card both at the station gates as well as in the buses is made bringing it close to the reader bearing the above sign.
  • Passengers who are disabled persons and/or with impaired vision and/or baggage (bags) and/or baby carriages and/or accompanying children must use the wide gates for disabled persons for their safety and convenience.
  • Validate your ticket or card every time you enter or exit the Metro or Suburban railway stations.
  • Validate your ticket or card only once when you board buses, trolleybuses and tramways.
  • Check upon validation via the reader that the remaining travel time is sufficient to reach your destination. In case that this is not possible, you must enter validating the ticket or your card again and after the 90-minute period of the original ticket has expires.
  • If during check-in you do not present a valid ticket or card, you will be charged with a fine amounting to €72 or €36 for persons eligible for discount ticket.


  • ATH.ENA CARD holders may reload their tickets prior to the expiry of the current product. The new product will be activated following the expiry of the current one.
  • The stored value of €30 is not equivalent to the 30-day product.
  • The holders of the personalized ATH.ENA CARD loaded with a 30-day product should know that the duration of validity of their ticket is 30 days from its first validation.
  • The holders of the personalized ATH.ENA CARD should necessarily keep their PIN they used to issue the card, as in case the card is lost or stolen, the said code in conjunction with their SSN (AMKA) are required for the remaining products to be transferred to the new card. Replacement rules of the Personalized ATHENA CARD may be foundhere.
  • Keep the receipt from the reloading of the personalized ATH.ENA CARD, because in the event of fault you will need it to replace the product you loaded.
  • Avoid loading an Airport ticket on the ATH.ENA CARD (anonymous and personalized), when there is an activated product with a set period of time or a remaining ticket pack. In that case, choose to add the relevant price in monetary value.