Multiple ticket

ATH.ENA Ticket
is a reloadable ticket intended for passengers who:

Want to use public transport for a limited period of time

Occasionally use public transport

What are the fare products I can load on the multiple ticket


10-ticket pack + 1 BONUS

Total value 12,00 €


5-ticket pack

Total value 5,70 €


2-ticket pack

Total value 2,30 €


90-minute ticket

Value 1,20 €


5-day ticket

Value 8,20 €


24-hour ticket

Value 4,10 €


Eισιτήρια αεροδρομίου

• EXPRESS bus line ticket

• METRO ticket

• 2-way METRO ticket (within 30 days)

• METRO ticket from & to Pallini – Kantza – Koropi


3-day tourist ticket

Value 20,00 €

Persons eligible for discount fares, such as people over 65 years old, young people from 7 to 18 years old, students and members of large families must issue or have a personalized ATH.ENA CARD, if they want to use their entitlement.


Replacement of multiple ticket

The multiple ticket does not bear the personal data of its holder, therefore, is not replaceable and refundable in case it is lost, stolen or damaged.
If it contains a stored fare product, this may be used by third parties.
In the event of malfunction, the ticket shall be replaced and the transfer rules shall apply, as long as you present the proof of its issuance / reloading.


Multiple ticket loading

In order to be able to reload your multiple ticket with a new ticket or another type of ticket or a ticket pack, the validity period of the last ticket with which you had loaded your multiple ticket must have expired. (The 90-minute period must have expired).

Issuing - reloading points

Where can I issue and/or reload the multiple ticket?

Prices of Products

I want to be informed about the prices of the tickets for all means of transport.