Points of supply of tickets and cards


Transport by road (OSY-Buses and Trolleybuses)

At the OSY vendors, you may issue tickets and reload cards and tickets.
To view the addresses and the operating hours of the staffed vendors of OSY, click here.



In all stations of STASY (metro lines 1,2,3) and in many tramway stations there are operating Automatic Ticket Vending Machines for the issue of tickets and the reloading of tickets and cards. The payment at the Automatic Ticket Vending Machines located at the Tram stations is made by use of bank card only.
Additionally, cards and tickets may be also be reloaded at all the staffed ticket counters of STASY. (Metro and Tramway).

For more information regarding the staffed ticket counters of STASY and their operating hours, click here



The Automatic Ticket Vending Machines, where you may issue tickets and reload cards and tickets are located at many spots of Athens.
Furthermore, there are partnerships with stores and kiosks for the sale of ticket bundles as well as the reloading of tickets and cards.

(see the spots in the following map)

Points of ticket and card sale and reloading

In order to see more details for the ticket sales points, please zoom in the area of interest and then select the option in the map’s menu ΕΠΙΠΕΔΑ ΧΑΡΤΗ/«/ «Δίκτυο Πώλησης Εισιτηρίων ΟΑΣΑ». The specific points are indicated by the symbol

For mass sales and/or issue of an invoice, please contact the head office of our company at 15 Metsovou str., 10682, Athens or by calling at 2108200908, 2108200822 (service hours 8.00 – 14.15).