Stored Value

Stored value operates as a wallet you may use for your transportation instead of buying specific ticket in ATH.ENA CARD cards (anonymous and personalized). It may added supplementary to any product we have loaded them. The maximum amount of stored value that can be loaded is 50 euros. 

It is appropriate whenever your card has a remaining number of tickets for urban transportation and you want to go to the Airport or use the X80 bus line. (e.g. when your card has unlimited number of journeys for urban transportation or a number of urban zone tickets, you may add the respective price €5,50 or €9 depending on the means of transport we will use for your transfer to the Airport). 

Note! The stored value of €30 is not equivalent to nor may be converted to a 30-day product. 

  • The ATH.ENA CARD holders may reload the card with a second product prior to the expiry of the first one. The new product will be activated upon expiry of the current one, by the first validation of the card. 
  • The maximum charge per day for transportation within the urban zone is equivalent to 4 single tickets, in the event of purchase of a package of tickets, and the price of a daily ticket amounting to 4.5 euros, in the event of use of stored value.