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Use of mask is mandatory in urban public transport

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Transport for Athens (OASA Group) reminds passengers that the use of a mask of high respiratory protection (FFP2 or N95) or alternatively a double mask (surgical and cloth), is still mandatory in all public transport means under the jurisdiction of OASA (buses, trolleybuses, metro, trams), according to the Joint Ministerial Decision D1a / Γ.Π.οικ. 30819/31.5.2022 (Government Gazette B’2676/31.05.2022).

Recommendations and instructions regarding the proper use of masks can be found in the relevant circular of the Ministry of Health.

Excluded from the obligation to use a mask, are the following:

  1. people for whom the use of a mask is not indicated for medical reasons
  2. children under the age of four (4) years.
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