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Start of commercial operation of metro stations “Agia Varvara”, “Korydallos” and “Nikaia” on 7 July


Start of commercial operation of metro stations “Agia Varvara”, “Korydallos” and “Nikaia” on 7 July

Restructuring of bus lines with a view to enhancing interoperability

The Athens Urban Transport Organization (OASA) informs the passengers that as of Tuesday 7 July the three new stations of the extension of Metro Line 3 to Piraeus will be put into service. The stations are “Agia Varvara”, “Korydallos” and “Nikaia”.

On the same day, the redesign of the bus lines in the wider area of the Municipalities of Keratsini- Drapetsona, Nikaia – Agios Ioannis Renti, Korydallos, Agia Varvara, Perama and Piraeus will come into force aiming at the interoperability of the road transport network with the new stations of Metro line 3.

The frequencies of routes operated by STASY to the three new stations

The station of “Agia Varvara is located at Agia Eleousa Square, the station of “Korydallos” at Eleftheria Square and the station “Nikaia” at Agios Nikolaos Square. It is estimated that the three new stations will serve 60,000 passengers on a daily basis, a number that will increase even more in 2022, when the extension to the station “Municipal Theater” at Piraeus is concluded.

The frequency of routes operated by STASY during rush hours (07:30-17:30) at the Aigaleo – Doukissis Plakentias section will be 4 minutes and at the Aigaleo – Nikaia section will be 8 minutes.

The first route will start from Nikaia station at 05.30 AM and the last route at 12.05 AM. The distance from Nikaia to Syntagma will be covered in 14 minutes and from Nikaia to the Airport in 55 minutes.

By the 4km extension to Nikaia, Metro line 3 will have 24 stations that will increase to 27 in 2022, with the addition of the stations “Maniatika”, “Piraeus” and “Municipal Theater”.

The restructuring of bus lines in the OSY network

The transport interventions concerning OSY, 12 in total, are based on line changes in order to provide the capability of new transfers, and on the creation of a new line that will connect the Municipality of Piraeus to the metro network.

The restructuring of the lines is divided in two phases: The first phase will be implemented upon start of the operation of the three new stations and provides for direct interventions which will be evaluated after the first period of operation of the stations. Then, and in reasonable time, the situation will be evaluated and the Organization will proceed to the second phase of redesign, according to the needs, for the optimal transport service of these areas.

In detail, for the first phase the following interventions have been planned:

Creation of a new line (line 900 Piraeus – Nikaia Metro Station) that will connect the Municipality of Piraeus to the “Nikaia” Metro station.
The new line will follow the route: Karaiskaki Kallimasioti Coast, Kondyli Coast, Aitolikou, Dervenakion, Tzavela, G. Grevenon, Laodikeias, Aigaleo, Kondyli Coast, Kallimasioti Coast, Karaiskaki Square.
The new line abolishes line 847 Neapoli – Piraeus B, since its route is covered by the new routes operated by lines 800 Nikaia – Piraeus, 827 Piraeus – 3rd Athens Cemetery – Aspra Homata and 846 Neapoli – Piraeus A.
Maintenance of connection of the Municipality of Piraeus to the Municipalities of Keratsini – Drapetsona, Nikaia – Agios Ioannis Renti, Korydallos and Agia Varvara through the basic lines operating on the north – south axis, providing at the same time the capability to transfer to lines operating in the main roads (Petrou Ralli and Grigoriou Lampraki) in direction to the new metro stations.
Change to group of lines urrently connecting the Municipalities of Keratsini- Drapetsona, Nikaia-Agios Ioannis Rentis, Korydallos, Perama and Agia Varvara to the Municipalities of Piraeus and Athens, and conversion thereof to feeder lines of the new metro stations, providing the capability to transfer, either to the metro network, or the network of the current bus lines connecting to Piraeus and Athens.
The bus lines that will change are lines 800 (Nikaia – Piraeus), 806 (Korydallos – Aigaleo Station), 809 (Schisto – Korydallos – Piraeus Α), 820 (Keratsini – Aigaleo station), 827 (Piraeus – Athens 3rd Cemetery – Aspra Homata), 828 (Piraeus – Aspra Homata – Athens 3rd Cemetery), 837 (Ano Agia Varvara – Agia Marina Station) 846 (Neapoli – Piraeus A), B18 (Omonoia – Perama through Petrou Ralli) and C18 (Omonoia – Perama through Grigoriou Lampraki).

Please note that for the optimum service of passengers, apart from the ticket vendors at the three new stations of STASY and OSY network, there are 115 points of ticket sale and reloading at kiosks and tobacco shops in the wider area.

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