Environmental policy
Environmental policy

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In order to improve the polluted atmosphere of the grater’s Athens area, the urban transport system has replaced all buses and trolley buses with new technology vehicles. ETHEL and ILPAP currently possess the younger fleet of vehicles at European level. ILPAP has 360 trolley buses of antipollution (clean) technology and ETHEL has 2153 buses, from these:

  • 398 of them are according to Euro 1 technology,
  • 1033 are according to Euro 2 technology (294 of them are powered by natural gas),
  • 402 are according to Euro3 technology (120 of them are powered by natural gas),
  • 220 are according to Euro 4 technology
  • and 100 of them are according to Euro 5 technology, which is the most advanced in Europe.

At the same time, OASA and the other transport companies participate actively in European technological development research programs which examine the use of biodiesel in the buses, fuels which emit practically null pollutants and are particular friendly for the environment. All above have led to the progressive increase of the passenger traffic while the prospects due to the beginning of operation of all new extensions via constant orbit, are still more encouraging and constitute an optimistic message in the direction of environment’s quality improvement and the citizen’s life in the greater Athens area.