Road Safety
Road Safety

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Safe Bus stops

  • Program implementation of safe bus stops near crossings, use of traffic lights and pavement with necessary width.
  • Constant policing for illegally parked vehicles at stops.
  • Lighting at stops using solar cell panels.
  • New shelter type at stops.
  • Horizontal road markings “Bus stop”.

Bus lanes

  • Clear delineation, special equipment and horizontal road markings (e.g. look right & left, BUS STOPS).
  • Constant policing for illegally parked vehicles that may cause serious accidents.
  • Violations file based on evidence from Attica Traffic Agency.


OASA has already sent to all Transport Agencies spreadsheet forms for monthly accident statistics. The study of these statistics will improve public transportation quality and reduce accidents.

Bicycle lanes

  • Bicycle lanes have to meet the requirements for safe passenger boarding and alighting from buses and cyclist crossing.
  • Use of bus lanes by bicycles.
  • Bicycle parking lots.