Dedicated Bus lanes (DBL)
Dedicated Bus lanes (DBL)

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The intense traffic problem that exists in the capital led to the application of techniques that contribute to efficient traffic management and to measures that upgrade the public transport services and consequently improve the quality of life of citizens. One such measure is the preferential treatment of public transport along the road network, with the implementation of Dedicated Bus Lanes. In recent years, OASA in cooperation with the Ministry of Infrastucture, Transport and Networks, taking into account the international experience and the so-far- estimated positive effects of the operation of DBL, launched a coherant bus lane network of approximately 50 km lenght. The major benefits from the operation of bus lanes summarized as follows:

  • Increase the speed of public transport to 23 km/h
  • Improve the quality of public transport services offered, making it more attractive to passengers
  • Increase in volumes of public transport passengers and reduction of the use of private vehicles
  • Reduction of the consumption of fuel needed for public transport
  • Improvement of environmental conditions

Signing of Dedicated Bus lanes

• Continuous yellow road marking line of 10-20 cm width (used in parts of network where there is exclusive use of public transport) • •
  • Continuous yellow road marking line of 10-20 cm width (used in parts of network where there is exclusive use of public transport)
  • Dashed road marking line of 10-20 cm width (used in parts of network where mixed traffic is permitted, e.g. right turns, entrances to parking lots, taxi stops etc.)
  • Reflectors in a single, double or quadruple row
  • Use of colored antiskid surface along the bus lane
  • Various types of sign posts

Διάφοροι τύποι πινακίδων

Users of Dedicated Bus Lanes

The use of the bus lanes is permitted to the following categories of vehicles:

a. mass public transport means (buses and trolleybuses)
b. mass private transport means (coaches, school-buses etc.)
c. Motorcycles
d. Emergency Vehicles (ambulances, fire-trucks, police etc.)

In the with-flow bus lanes, stopping and parking is prohibited. It is stressed that the use of the bus lanes as well as short term and long term parking on them, is prohibited to any other vehicle (private vehicles, taxis, vans or trucks etc).

The use of contra flow bus lanes is prohibited to motorcycles (with the exception of Kypseli street).

You may use segments of Bus Lanes prior to the right turns, to exit or enter in roadside areas etc. These are horizontally and vertically signed with dashed yellow road markings and special bus lane sign posts.

Hours of operation The setting of the with-flow bus lanes is from Monday to Friday from 06:00 to 21:00 and Saturday from 06:00 to 16:00.

The contra-flow bus lane is in operation 24 hours a day.

Violation of ELL

The Traffic Police Department of Athens has undertaken the task of policing bus lanes.

The fine for braking bus-lanes is 200 euros. When parking on a bus lane, plates and vehicles shall be removed additionaly to a fine. The revenue from fines is levied by local authorities.

Detailed Presentation of existing dedicated bus lanes:


1 Kifisias Av. 1.80 Ambelokipoi-Panormou
Outbound direction From Fidippidou str- to Iatridou str  With flow lane
Inbound direction FromPanormoustr. toAitoliasstr With flow lane
2 Vas.Sofias Av. 3.55 Akadimias-Mesogeion Av.
Outbound direction FromAkadimiasstr- toPirristr. With flow lane
Inbound direction From Tsoha to Akadimias str With flow lane
3 Sina-Panepistimiou-Amalias
Sina 0.20 From Akadimias str-to Panepistimiou Str Bus Only Lane
Panepistimiou- Amalias 0.70 From Sina to Filellinon str Contraflow lane
4 AmaliasInbound Direction 0.35 Othonos str With flow lane of 2 lanes width
5 Mesogeion Av. - Feidippidou Inbound Direction 0.55 From Michalakopoulou str to Kifissias Av. With flow lane
6 Μesogeion av. 9.55
Inbound Direction From Building to Xenopoulou str With Flow lane
Outbound Direction From Xenopoulou str to ERT Building With Flow lane
7 Ethnarhou Makariou (Peristeri) 1.27 With Flow
Inbound direction FromGounari strtoKifisouAv. With Flow lane
Outbound direction From KifisouAv. To P.Tsaldari Av. With Flow lane
8 Stadiou Inbound Direction 0.6 From G.Stavrou str to Voukourestiou str With Flow lane
9 Patission 6.05
Inbound Direction FromKoliatsoy Sqr to Satovriandou str With Flow lane
  Outbound Direction From Panepistimiou str to Stournari str Contra flow bus lane
From Stoyrnari str to Koliatsou Sqr With Flow lane
10 Kipselis Outbound Direction 1.0 From Evelpidon to Kypseli sqr Contra Flow bus lane
11 Κaniggos Direction to Kaniggos sqr 0.1 To the whole length Bus Only Lane
12 Lenorman 2.18
Outbound Direction From Palamidiou Str- to Tripoleos Str Tripoleos to Kreontos Contra flow bus lane With flow bus lane
InboundDirection From Kreontos to Palamidiou With flow bus lane
13 Gounari (Peireas) 0.26 From El.Venizelou to Tsamadou str medianbuslane
14 Ethn.Antistasis (Peireas) 0.35 From L.Georgiou A’ to Ippodameias Sqr medianbuslane
15 Peireos Str 0.15 From Menadrou to Sokratous str contra flow
16 Sokratous 0.07 From Ag.Konstantinou to Peireos Str– With Flow With flow bus lane
17 AktiKallimasioti-AktiPoseidonos-AktiMiaouli(Peireas) 2.2
Akti Kalimassioti- two directions To the whole length With flow bus lane
Akti Poseidonos- Direction to Gounari str To the whole length With flow bus lane
Akti Miaouli-  two directions To the whole length With flow bus lane
18 Akadimias 0.4 From Veranjerou str to Ippokratous str  With Flow bus lane
19 Char.Trikoupi 1.1 FromNauarinoustrtoXifioustr. With Flow bus lane
20 Athinas 0.11 From Omonoia Sqr to Lykourgou str  Contra flow
21 Gr.LabrakiDirection to Peiraos Str 0.6 FromOlympiasstr, toEvaggelistriasstr With Flow bus lane
22 Her.Polytechneiou(Pireaous)Direction to Local Theatre of Pireous 0.5 From El.Venizelou to L.Vas.Georgiou str-With Flow With Flow bus lane
23 Syggrou Av. Inbound Direction 1.0 From Zinni str to Ath,Diakou str With Flow bus lane
24 AlexandrasAv.Two directions 4.5 From Kifissias Av- to Mauromatwon str– With Flow With Flow bus lane
25 Ippokratous 1.4 FromKatsonistrtoSolonosstr With Flow bus lane
26 Vas.GeorgiouA’ Direction to Pasalimani 0.6 From Poseidonos str to Gr.Lambraki str With Flow bus lane
27 Maurommataion 0.2 FromVas.HerakleioustrtoAlexandrasAv. With Flow bus lane
28 L.Bas.Konstantinou Two directions  2.56 FromVas.OlgasAv. to HILTON hotel With Flow bus lane
29 AktiXaveriouTwo directions 2.42 FromM.XatzhkyriakoutoAktiMiaouli With Flow bus lane
30 Dimokratias Av. (Ag.Anargiroi)Two directions 1.5 From Kiprou str to Plastira str. With Flow bus lane
31 Papadiamantopoulou Inbound Direction 0.7 From M.Asias to Vas.Sofias Av. With Flow bus lane
32 Eratosthenous  Inbound Direction 0.4 From Plastira sqr to Vas.Konstantinou Av. With Flow bus lane
33 Metamorfoseos (Halandri) Direction to Olympou str 0.7 From D.Plakentias str to Olympou str. Contra-flowbus lane
34 Eth.Makariou/Poseidonos Av.( Faliro/Peireas) Direction to Peireas 0.58 From Pindou str  to Zervou str With Flow bus lane
35 Ipeirou 0.33 From Aharnon str to 3rd Septembriou With Flow bus lane
Total Length (Kms) 50,53