Fare General Information
Fare General Information

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Dear Passengers,
When using Athens Public Transport you are obliged to hold a valid ticket or travel card. Tickets and cards are valid for the transport mode and time period printed on them.
All tickets have to be validated in the validating machines upon boarding (buses, trolleybuses) or walking to the platforms before boarding (tram, metro).
Upon requests you should demonstrate your validated ticket or card to the authorized fare inspectors together with the relevant supporting documents certifying your right to free or with reduced cost, transportation.
Failure to display a valid ticket results to a fine which is 60 times the price of the ticket (regular ticket €1,40 or reduced €0,60), i.e., € 84,00 for those who are obliged to use regular ticket and € 36,00 for those eligible for reduced ticket.
For any clarification, please contact us by e-mail oasa@oasa.gr or telephone: 210-8200830, 210-8200848, 210-8200921, 210-8200908, 210-8200007.

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