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Fare Control

Passengers are obliged to pay the legitimate, as applicable, fare of the corresponding route, keep the proof of payment (ticket) when issued (validated), throughout the duration of the journey and demonstrate it when requested by the responsible fare inspector.

Failure to display a valid ticket or travel card results to a fine which is 60 times the price of the ticket (regular ticket €1,40 or reduced €0,60), i.e., € 84,00 for those who are obliged to use regular ticket and € 36,00 for those eligible for reduced ticket.

The fine is reduced by 50% if paid on the spot or within 10 calendar days from the date imposed. After that, fines are paid to their initial value within 60 days from the day imposed.

The fines should be paid in the premises of the transport operator which imposed it, or the Hellenic Post Office or at selected Banks which cooperate with the public transport operators (O.SY. & STA.SY.).

If the offender does not pay the fine immediately or within the 60-day period, the fine shall be forwarded to the appropriate Internal Revenue Service. In such a case, the fine is increased by 5 times.

When the ticket has been validated is strictly personal. The ticket and travel card reflect the transport contract between the passenger and one or more transport companies for the provision of one or more transport services. The transfer of a validated ticket from one passenger to another or the use of an already validated ticket by another passenger is illegal and contrary to the General Terms of Transportation, since the transferred ticket is no longer considered as a valid ticket.

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