General Information for People with Disabilities
General Information for People with Disabilities

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Accessibility on mass transit public system for disabled people

The accessibility of disabled people in big cities still remains as a serious problem since it has not yet been solved. This problem affects the quality of life of these people since they cannot have equal chances as the other people. As disable people we consider all those people who have a permanent or temporary handicap . In this category we consider also ederly people , pregnant women etc. According to the statistics all these people sum up to 42,5% of the whole population. For this reason, OASA and the affiliated companies which are running the buses, trolleys, metro lines and tram line are offering a good level of service to sizable people so that they can have to a good and autonomous service.


  • We have placed more than 270 precast concrete platforms at bus and trolley stops so that the accessibility to and from buses is easy and convenient
  • All buses and trolleys are provided with kneeling system
  • Trolleys are provided with bus stop info display
  • Metro lines 1,2 & 3 are fully accessible
  • Tram line is fully accessible
  • We are providing door to door service from Monday to Friday, between 07.30 o’clock to 14.00 hours with three specially designed vans which take up to 7 people and three wheel chairs. This service is provided to paraplegic and quatro paraplegicand the service is upon request ( call number 210 42 70 748 )